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Bifocal Contact Lenses

Get the benefit of bifocal lenses without the need for glasses. Dr. Hairston is proud to offer "boomer lenses" — bifocal contact lenses that allow for clear, comfortable vision all day long. This revolutionary product lets you ditch bulky glasses or readers without sacrificing clarity of vision. They even work for patients with astigmatism!


How do bifocal contact lenses work?
Think of a donut, where the center is your distance and the donut is your near. Therefore, you don't have to worry about finding where to look — it happens automatically.

What is the $25.00 voucher?
You get an extra $25.00 off any contact lens-related fee if you are a candidate and decide to move forward. You will be provided with lenses, and your success is assured.

I don't like bifocal glasses. Will I have a hard time adjusting to bifocal contact lenses?
No, because contact lenses work differently than glasses. You will not have to deal with the problems associated with glasses. Most people do great within the first week.

Don't you have to sacrifice vision quality to use bifocal contact lenses?
No. Dr. Hairston has researched many types of lenses and only prescribes the best. Therefore, you get to enjoy good vision, far and near, without sacrificing quality.

What if I'm very nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism?
Not a problem. Dr. Hairston prescribes bifocal contact lenses for all patient prescription needs. You just have to see a contact lens specialist experienced in this area.

Woman Wearing Glasses


Woman After Visiting Metro Eye Docs.

What if I don't like the lenses?
No problem. We always provide initial trial lenses to make sure everything is working properly and to make sure you're happy before ordering a supply or permanent lenses. Besides, Dr. Hairston has a very high success rate helping patients succeed!

Great! So what do I do next?
Simply use our contact form or call our office to schedule a contact lens consultation. It's easy!

What Customer Are Saying About Boomer Lenses

"I have tried other bifocal contact lenses in the past. However, I was referred to Dr. Hairston after being dissatisfied with poor vision. He explained, why I was having difficulty, and said I needed better lens technology.

Dr. Hairston prescribed new bifocal contact lenses for me and after a short adjustment time in his office, I could see fine! Finally, clear confortable vision!

Thanks Dr. H, now I'm hooked!"
— Toni R., Millis, MA

Happy Face

"I'm an accountant, so my near vision is important to me. Dr. Hairstion helped me with bifocal contact lenses that work as hard as I do! I love my new lenses!"
— Lisa B., CPA, Framingham

"I've been a patient of Dr. Hairston for several years. In this time, I have found him to be an outstanding doctor, who is 100% committed to the care of his patients.

Most recently, I decided I wanted to wear contact lenses (tired of glasses all the time). I have an astigmatism and near blur. Dr. Hairston's patience was amazing, and his expertise is impressive. Most doctors would have given up on me, but not Dr. Hairston.

Dr. Hairston, rates more than 5 stars in my eyes!"
— Jen R., Framingham