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Vision Reshaping for
Better Vision

Vision Reshaping is a sophisticated, non-surgical process that corrects problems with the cornea while you sleep. CRT Brand Contact Lenses gently and safely reshapes the cornea. Patients can remove the lenses when they awake and are able to go throughout the day without any other correction — no glasses, no daytime lens, no kidding! Dr. Hairston is a certified prescriber of Vision Reshaping CRT therapeutic lenses.

Scientifically Proven

The Corneal Reshaping and Yearly Observation of Nearsightedness (CRAYON) study of two years confirmed that corneal reshaping can indeed slow eye growth in myopic children after one year of treatment. Researchers also confirmed that patients who were fitted with corneal reshaping lenses experienced significantly less annual change in axial length and vitreous chamber depth than patients fitted with soft contact lenses.
Source: Walline JJ, Jones LA, Sinnott LT. Corneal reshaping and myopia progression. Br J Ophthalmol. 2009 Sep;93(9):1181-5.

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OK, sounds awesome. How much does Vision Reshaping cost?
That's the good news! Vision Reshaping is a specialized service provided by Dr. Hairston at Metro Eye Docs. Because Vision Reshaping offers such great benefits to so many people, it is being offered at an affordable price of just three payments of $379. This is the total cost for all visits and your CRT lenses. CRT lenses last about one year and have a replacement cost is about $189 per lens. Ask about our "Wake Up & See Guarantee"!

How do I know if I qualify for Vision Reshaping?
First, you should be nearsighted (myopia < -4.50). Second, you must not have significant/high astigmatism (< 1.00). Third, you must not have any active eye disease. Finally, you should schedule your complimentary easy screening with Dr. Hairston via our contact form or by calling our office.

How long does it take to reach good vision?
Most patients have rapid improvement in the first few days of treatment and achieve nearly their optimum vision in 7 to 10 days.

My vision seems to change every year. Can Vision Reshaping help?
Yes, this is another major benefit of Vision Reshaping. Instead of helplessly watching your vision deteriorate, Vision Reshaping can help stabilize your vision. This is particularly interesting for youngster or teens for whom increased nearsightedness (myopia) is a concern.

Are there any risks involved with wearing CRT Brand Contact Lenses?
When any contact lens is worn, there is a small risk involved. However, it is not expected that CRT Brand Contact Lenses will provide a risk that is greater than other contact lenses that are worn while sleeping. During the CRT FDA Clinical Study, there were no serious adverse events reported.

Is Vision Reshaping with CRT Brand Contact Lenses comfortable?
Yes, it is comfortable. Initially, you may have a slight awareness of the CRT lens in your eye. You will not feel the lenses when you sleep, and there is no sense of physical corneal change — just visual improvement when the lenses are removed. In the FDA study, only 4% of the patients discontinued use due to discomfort, meaning 96% found the comfort quite acceptable!

Is Vision Reshaping with CRT Brand Contact Lenses FDA approved?
Yes! CRT was the first therapeutic lens design approved by the FDA for overnight corneal reshaping for the temporary reduction of myopia. Paragon Vision Sciences, Inc., the manufacturer of CRT Brand Contact Lenses, received the final FDA approval on June 13, 2002. The issuance of this approval is the culmination of the most extensive clinical study to date to establish the safety and efficacy of contact lens corneal reshaping in overnight use.

Are there age restrictions for Vision Reshaping with CRT?
No. The FDA placed no age restrictions on candidates for Vision Reshaping with CRT. It's a great option for children and teens who are active in sports, such as football or swimming, or any other extracurricular activities. Adults also enjoy the freedom of CRT. Even people who are presbyopic (requiring reading glasses or bifocals) may still be great candidates. Dr. Hairston is currently offering VR to teens and adults.

Are CRT Brand Contact Lenses difficult to apply or remove?
No. These lenses are generally no more difficult to apply or remove than any other contact lenses. You may want to instill comfort or rewetting drops prior to insertion of the lenses and immediately upon waking. The lenses must move freely prior to removal. If you have difficulty removing the CRT lens, there are lens removal aids available to assist you.

I have had discomfort with contact lenses due to dry eye. Would Vision Reshaping work for me?
There is hope. Because Vision Reshaping lenses are only worn during sleep time, your chances for success are enhanced. You will not have to worry about lens drying or daytime discomfort with Vision Reshaping.

What other benefits are there to Vision Reshaping?
Another potential major benefit is the ability to help prevent the progression of nearsightedness (myopia) in youngsters. Many youngsters who have been using CRT lenses have maintained their good vision without the steady declines often seen year after year. This is particularly important when there is a family history of poor vision or high myopia (cf. SMART - Stabilization of Myopia through Accelerated Reshaping Technologies). Further studies are also underway to better quantify and confirm this benefit. But currently, this is the only option available to not only see without glasses but also to possibly stabilize vision in youngsters.