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myopia control with mIsight® 1-day lenses


As a parent, you deserve to know the facts about myopia management (control) for children.  The truth is...Up until now.  Most children who were diagnosed with myopia, simply received eyeglasses and stronger lens prescription as they got older.  This is no longer going to be the standard of care.  Intervening early can make such a major impact on your child's future.  The sooner myopia is controlled, the better.  Together, we can slow the worsening of your child's vision.  Learn more below and contact us for an evaluation exam today!

                                                      MiSight 1-day contact lenses

FDA APPROVED Misight® 1-day lenses

As an eye doctor, I know most parents are concerned about their child's vision.  I also know, due to genetics and the ever increasing time spent on computers and phone screens, that myopia (nearsightedness) is increasing in more children.  Why is myopia a concern?  Because, not only does poor vision limit opportunites and is an impairment to top performance in life.  But, high myopia leads to much higher risks for eye problems (retinal detachments, macuIopathy/degeneration and glaucoma) in adulthood.

I am excited to educate parents and kids about the new FDA approved MiSight 1-Day contact lens, that is clinically proven to slow the progression of myopia in children, aged 8 - 12 at the initiation of treatment.

Dr. Hairston, is certified to prescribe Brilliant Futures with MiSight 1-Day contact lenses for children.

Dr. Hairston

Myopia or nearsighted vision

The above images show what a child's vision is like depending on their level of myopia.


How Does the MiSight® Lens Work?
The MiSight Lens has been developed by Coopervision, Inc.  The lens features an award winning dual-focus, ActivControl Technology.  This technology allows for full vision correction while simultaneously providing myopic defocusing treatment zones.  These defocusing zones actually reduce the progression of myopia by slowing the elongation of the eye.

How MiSight lenses work

How do I know if my child qualifies for myopia management with MiSight® Lenses?
First, your child should be nearsighted (myopia < -4.00 diopters). Second, your child should be at least age 8 years old.  Finally, you should schedule your child for an evaluation exam with Dr. Hairston via our contact form or by calling our office.

Does the MiSight® Lens work for hyperopia/farsightedness?
No, the MiSight Lens is only for myopia reduction.

If only one parent is nearsighted.  What is the likelihood our child will also be nearsighted?
There is a 1 in 3 chance your child will develop myopia (nearsightedness).  If both parents are nearsighted.  Then the risk is greater at, 1 in 2 chance your child will develop myopia.  Lastly, if neither parent is nearsighted.  There is still a 1 in 4 chance your child will develop myopia.

Are MiSight® Contact Lenses safe?
Yes, in fact studies confirm, contact lens wear is actually safer for children than adults.  One of the most common concerns is the risk of infection.  MiSight 1-Day lenses are safer than regular contact lenses because they are designed and prescribed for single day use.

 What causes myopia?
Myopia is cause by elongation of the eyeball, which results in light being focus in front of the retina.  As children grow, their eyes grow too, leading to myopia.  Due to genetic factors and environmental influence (ie., computers, extended nearwork and less time spent outside), more children are becoming myopic.

How well do children do with contact lenses?
A multi-center study found:

90% of children in the study preferred wearing MiSight 1-Day lenses over wearing eyeglasses.  90% of children apply and remove the MiSight 1-Day lenses on their own.  Also, 90% of parents reported their children were happy with their experience wearing contact lenses.

How effective is the MiSight® 1-Day lens?
*CooperVision undertook a rigorous, multi-year, multi-country study to track how the MiSight 1-Day lens affected myopia progression in children aged 8 - 12 at the initiation of treatment.  After 5 years, the study concluded the lens effectively slowed myopia progression by an average of 59% and slowed the rate at which the eye lenghtens by an average of 52% compared to children in the control group (wear only regular contact lenses).

Do eyeglasses and regular contact lenses prevent the worsening of my child's vision?  No, eyeglasses or regular contact lenses do not reduce or treat the progression of myopia.  MiSight lenses will correct for clear vision and also reduce the worsening of your child's vision.  Therefore, early intervention is important.  Even if your child is older than 12, we still recommend a consultation to discuss treatment options.

*References: 1. Chamberlain P, et al. A 3-year randomized clinical trial of MiSight lenses for myopia control. Optom Vis Sci. 2019:96(8):556-567

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