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Dry Eye Treatments
That Work

Tired of dry, burning, irritated eyes? Find your personal solution by scheduling an evaluation with Dr. Hairston. You'll discover a range of options that involve more than just inconvenient lubricating drops. Metro Eye Docs. offers luxurious spa treatments for dry eye and its accompanying symptoms of burning, tiredness, and irritation.

Dry Eye Spa

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Restasis and xiidra

Restasis and Xiidra are prescription eye drops that are used daily to help you produce healthier tears over time. It is one of the only prescription medications for the treatment of dry eye, and its accompanying symptoms of burning, tiredness, and irritation. Contact us to find out how Restasis or Xiidra may help you with your dry eye problem.

Punctal/Moisture Plugs

Did you know there is a comfortable, in-office procedure that can help reduce or eliminate your need for artificial tears or eye drops? Punctal occlusion involves the placement of a tiny collagen or silicone plug in the opening of the eyelids. These tiny plugs help your natural tears stay on your eyes longer. Dr. Hairston utilizes a special products — called a VisiPlug — which remains in place for up to six months before dissolving. This provides dry eye sufferers with long-lasting comfortable relief.

Dry Eye Spa

Did you know the #1 cause of dry eye is poor lid gland function or MGD (meibomian gland dysfunction). In fact you can have MGD and not be very symptomatic. Eye drops or artificial tears will not resolve this condition and it is why many people never get better. Our Dry Eye Spa treatment targets this problem, with only 15 minutes of relaxing therapy.

Contact us today to learn more.

Dry Eye Spa

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Eye Drops

Not all OTC eye drops are created equal. Dr. Hairston recommends only a select few. Contact us today to discover the best drops for your eyes. Get the relief you need...Call today.


— Corali D.   (Patient since 2016):
"Dr. Hairston is very polite and experienced. He knows what he is doing. I highly recommend him, specially for people with dry eyes."

— Dawn J.
"Service is absolutely wonderful. Dr H. is incredibly helpful and personable. The office is modern, friendly and very inviting. The staff is always smiling and responsive."


Q: How do I know if I have Dry Eye Syndrome (DES)?
A: The symptoms of DES are various, and include blurring of vision, scratchy irritated eyes, burning, watery eyes, chronic redness/blood-shot eyes. The best way to know is by scheduling an evaluation with your eye doctor.

Q: I have tried OTC eye drops or artificial tears, but my eyes still bother me. What can a Dry Eye Specialist like Dr. Hairston do for me?
A: The first thing that needs to be done for you, is to evaluate the underlying cause of your dry eye. Then Dr. Hairston can prescribe the appropriate/best treatment for your condition. This can vary from prescription drops or medication to in-office treatments.

Q: What happens if DES is not treated?
A: Without treatment, DES will persist and your symptoms usually worsen over time. Because DES causes chronic ocular surface inflammation. Damage to your eyes can increase and lead to more complications.

Q: Is Dry Eye Treatment with Dr. Hairston covered by my insurance?
A: Because DES is a medical condition. Your visits with Dr. Hairston will be billable to your insurance. Most in-office treatments are also billable to your insurance.

Feel free to contact us online or call our office for more assistance or to schedule an appointment.

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